Community Involvement

Plaza Mariachi exists to celebrate cultural diversity. A gathering place for all ages and all backgrounds to experience and participate in the beauty of international expressions.
– Plaza Mariachi Mission Statement

Plaza Mariachi Music city  offers a unique blend of culture, art, music, entertainment, food, services and retail in one location. It begins with decor in the style of traditional marketplace streets from old Mexico and weaves Latin culture into a walk of history. You’ll hear Hispanic music, see Latin relics, discover old and new Mexico in food, fashion and so much more.

Co-Founder and Board chair Hispanic Family Foundation.

The Hispanic Family Foundation advocates for all Hispanic and immigrant families in Nashville and the surrounding areas and is committed to programs that improve their quality of life. It works with Hispanic and immigrant families to provide:

  • Resources and programs that create pathways for economic mobility and stability;
  • Educational programs for continued learning that empower families to achieve success;
  • Social service support to enhance quality of life;
  • Heritage programs that celebrate, honor and energize the Latino culture and
  • Advocacy for the Hispanic and immigrant communities.
  • Outreaches that supplement education, culture, advocacy, health, and awareness
  • Crisis and emergency relief for families affected by disaster

The foundation has a collaborative mindset at the Hispanic Family Foundation. It partners with agencies that have a successful track record in addressing the needs of the community. These partnerships allow the Hispanic Family Foundation to leverage its many assets including its accessibility and location, its media partners, creative services, and social media – all while maintaining a lean management model.